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Arbitration Will Decide Orland Park, Illinois Police Contract Dispute

Friday, October, 19, 2012

Arbitration proceedings are underway for an Orland Park, Illinois police force as they try to work out a new contract with their union. The Metropolitan Alliance of Police Chapter 159 represents 77 policemen from the Orland Park Police Department. A four year contract between the police department and the union expired in April of 2011.

Contract Arbitration Sought By Union

The contract arbitration was initiated by the union after over a dozen meetings to come to an agreement with the police department were rendered fruitless. The first arbitration hearing could be scheduled as soon as the second week of October 2012, with the last informal meeting having been held in July.

More legal arbitration hearings could be scheduled in the coming months if a resolution is not met. Village spokesman Joe La Margo stated that both of the parties involved could present written briefs on their positions to the arbitration attorney, who could take up to two months to come to a decision on as to what the new contract terms will be.

“We're kind of restricted as to what we can say about MAP based on the instructions of the (arbitration lawyer). They don't want us to start negotiating through the media,” La Margo said during a brief interview.

Arbitration Attorneys Could Take Months To Resolve Dispute

MAP 159 president Ron Ahrendt claims that there are unresolved issues regarding the increase of the employees' health insurance and compensatory work time versus overtime pay. Ahrendt also said that a 7.75 percent pay raise was included for the officers at the last meeting and that another increase in medical insurance premiums would negate the pay raise given to the officers.

“It's unfortunate that we can't come to some sort of resolution. We understand that costs go up, we get that. We just don't think they're being reasonable,” Ahrendt included.

Contract arbitration for the supervisors of the same police department was recently negotiated that included an 8.5 percent salary raise over a new four year contract.