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Arbitration Panel Orders Lance Armstrong to Testify about Doping

Thursday, March, 6, 2014


The arbitration panel handling the attempts of SCA Promotions to reclaim $12 million from disgraced former cycling champion Lance Armstrong has ordered the athlete to testify about his “blood doping” in session.  Armstrong denied doping for years as he racked up unprecedented success as a competitive cyclist, but admitted to doping more than a year ago.  The admission led to his being stripped of his Tour de France championships and the loss of his lucrative endorsements.


SCA Promotions, which had paid Armstrong millions to endorse their products, has taken the unusual step of not merely firing Armstrong as their spokesperson, but seeking return of the fees they have already paid him, citing the damage association with him have done to their brand.


Armstrong has refused to make any public or official statements since his admission, but the arbitration panel is seeking to compel him to testify during its sessions.  Armstrong filed an appeal with a State Appeals Court and won a temporary Stay against the panel’s demand.  Until the Appeal Judge issues a decision, Armstrong will not have to give testimony under oath to the arbitration panel.