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Arbitration Findings In Brewers' Braun Case May Not Be Released

Thursday, April, 26, 2012

Arbitration in the case of Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers has decided to throw out a 50-game suspension of the National League MVP. The players union and the management asked that a written decision explaining why his drug suspension was overturned not be released until changes being negotiated for their rules for collecting specimens are carried out.

The Legal Arbitration's Non-disclosure Raises Eyebrows


The contract arbitration decision in this case is not at question but many are raising eyebrows at the choice to not release the reasoning. If players and owners do come to an agreement on the proposed changes, the February 23 decision may be allowed to stand with no explanation at all. USADA CEO Travis Tygart said of the non-release, “It's obviously disappointing because people deserve to know what the basis for the case being overturned is, and frankly the athlete should have that right as well. Certainly an innocent athlete would want that opportunity.”


Baseball's labor contract does state that there needs to be a written decision in a 30 day time frame of the arbitration ruling. The choice to not release comes down from management, and thus far people are questioning that as it seems that their procedures were not carried out. The union is also not pushing the issue and there are some who feel that Braun was released from penalty owing to a technicality.


Brewers spokesman Mike Vassallo has stated that Braun will be declining comment on the choice and both sides have been working to make the changes to the collection procedures as mentioned. Tygart is also quoted as saying, "We hope the parties step back and ensure that the rights of clean athletes and the integrity of the sport are safeguarded through the legal process. It sounds like the changes are toward that effort and ultimately good for clean athletes."